What Is The Difference Between Chain And Belt Drive Roller Doors?

The latest wireless technology has enhanced the user experience of controlling doors through a remote control or any other device that is powered with wireless signals. These systems are installed to deliver convenience and comfort to the home owner, while parking a car or leaving the house. The two commonly available types of automatic roller doors Sydney are the belt drive and chain drive, which smooths away the process of opening and closing the door through a motor attached to it.

The roller doors are famous for occupying lowest space in the garage as it moves vertically towards the bottom, while allowing more space for the user to park a car. The versatility of roller doors is accepted in residential and commercial premises, as it can be installed in a garage that is built in any shape, either full arch, squared or segmented. The motors are kept on the top of the door, from where they are connected either through a chain or belt.

roller doors

The chain drive, as the name suggests, is made with a chain to make the door move over the channels made for it. These kinds of drives are inexpensive to purchase and install. Chains require proper lubrication and a cover, so that it shall not affect the rest of the system, whereas the belt drives of automatic roller doors in Sydney runs very smoothly and peacefully, without creating noise. The rubber belt removes the worries about instant repair and maintenance, and provides a continuous use to the home owners. It’s a very simple process, where a door is operated with the help of a motor, belt or chain, and a wireless device. Whether you prefer a chain drive or a belt, you will still be able to enjoy the convenience of opening and closing the door.

What Is The Difference Between Chain And Belt Drive Roller Doors?

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